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About Us

Adhesive Replica was established in 2012 out of the desire to provide a solution to the typical metal license plate. For car enthusiasts who want to prevent excessive drilling or long-time car owners whose license plates have faded, our goal is to provide high-quality vinyl stickers made to match your original license plate.

Why Adhesive Replicas?

Adhesive Replica can help you replicate an existing plate or fix and restore a damaged plate. An example of a plate that may need to be restored because it can no longer be replaced is a delicate historic license plate. At Adhesive Replica, we can send you your new vinyl plate just as a sticker or apply it to a plastic plate.

From car enthusiasts to movie stars, we create replica plates for both personal and professional reasons such as:

  • Personal sports cars
  • Historic vehicles
  • For vehicles in movies, photoshoots, etc.
  • Solutions for repair body shops or custom car tuning locations

If you live in a state/province without a front license plate, why not give your car a custom look? Adhesive Replica can offer custom orders for any image, design, style, or slogan. Make your car standout by giving it your own signature look.

If you’d like to purchase a replica for the purpose of giving it as a unique gift, having your own custom touch, or simply just the flexibility with creativity, we can print any design you desire.

Adhesive Replica is great for other reasons beyond just your vehicle. If you have a parking spot in a shared lot such as an apartment or office building, have a custom sign for your parking spot printed.

Because Adhesive Replica specializes in vinyl stickers, we can create any custom car bumper or window stickers. Whether it’s an informative message or simply just a fun one, we can create any message you’d like to have on your car.

Adhesive Replica offers Tesla Model 3 and Y owners customization beyond just the car itself. Keycards all look the same, our solution is printing a mini replica of your license plate on the card to help keep it distinctive.

Please note: It is the customer’s responsibility to check their own state/province’s guidelines regarding customizable plates.

What Material is used for the Adhesive Replicas?

We use high-quality flexible 3M removable graphic film with reflective metallic surface and image is printed with UV ink with clear coating. We offer the a few options for finishes:

  • standard white reflective
  • yellow reflective

Removing Adhesive Replicas

The vinyl can be easily peeled off by pouring hot water directly onto it.